djbdns package for OpenWRT

I have been an avid OpenWRT user for about 2 years now. Last month I upgrade my 2 wireless routers from 7.09 to 8.09. Both machines have been running stable since the upgrade, so I am happy. Because of some plans I had laying around for some time now, I decided it was time to create a port of the djbdns package for OpenWRT. There have been attempts in the past by others, but none of them made it into the OpenWRT svn trunk. Possibly this time it will be different. I took what was already floating around on the net and hacked it into something more usable and also added some documentation.

The package source and the compiled packages (mipsel only) are here. But the package has recently been included in the OpenWRT svn trunk, so you are better off getting it from there, because I do not know how long I will keep updating this page.

Be sure to read the supplied README and Changelog, which is also included in the package source.

Feel free to mail me any commentary you might have.