OpenWRT: Lucittpd or httpd?

The Luci project also has it's own http server. I've been running lucittpd for some time now on a WRT54GL and ASUS WL-500g Premium. I didn't notice any significant difference in speed of the webinterface compared to the BusyBox httpd. There does seem to be a difference in memory usage though:

  787 root      3828 S    /usr/bin/lucittpd
  802 root      1920 S    /usr/sbin/httpd -p 80 -h /www -r Sokko

So back to httpd it is. Having a choice of webserver can be beneficial, but I question the impact that roling-your-own httpd has on security. This seems like a situation where you'd be beter of using the tried and trusted tech like busybox httpd or lighttpd.