Plastic bags

Wow. Have you ever noticed what a wonderfully useful invention plastic bags are? No really. Sit down and think about it. These razor-thin sheets of extruded plastic cost next-to-nothing to produce and on the surface, when you think about it, appear absolutely mundane. But imagine a world without plastic bags. Yes, we could use paper, but that stuff rips really fast, weighs lots more and is useless for carrying wet substances. Agreed; plastic bags are an ecological disaster because we people mismanage our plastic bags. Look it up. It's terrible. But in essence, these bags are really useful.

A curious thought just occurred to me: The fact that mankind is not even able to manage its plastic bags says quite a lot about the species. How on earth, literally, can the species be expected to manage the planet properly if it can't even keep grip on its... plastic bags?

But this is not the thought I initially wanted to convey. I just wanted to make you stop and think a minute or two about how neat plastic bags really are.