The search for Sebek source code

If you intended to do anything with Sebek, a data capture tool designed to capture attacker's activities on a honeypot, you might have noticed that the source code is somewhat hard to find. The site seems more or less completely abandoned. To get the code, you need to get it from SVN:

  • If the site is still available when you read this, then try openening and reading this page
  • To be able to access svn, you need to register here.
  • Now download the repository : svn co --username <your-registered-name>

Presto... code you have. I made a copy of the SVN repo here because it wouldn't surprise me if the site just disappeared next week. It is advisable to first try and get a copy from svn before downloading this copy.

A note to who wishes to compile sebekd: The version in trunk does not work out of the box, because ./configure is missing. So I tried compiling the version in sebek/sebekd/branches/working and that works just fine. I didn't bother trying to fix trunk or to do a diff between trunk and branches to find out how the two differ.