Serious Samurize - What happen?

As a nerd, you like to stay informed about the world. Your part of it at least. And if at all possible only that part concerning your computer. So what do you do, as a self respecting nerd? You install a system monitor that displays the most interesting system vitals. For a couple of years now I have such a system on my desktop. And as screen real estate is scarce, the monitoring system must be compact. The only system capable of monitoring all I want, in the layout I want, is Serious Samurize. There are many different skins and layouts available, but looking at screen shots on the website, most seem to be made by sixteen-year-olds trying to show off their hentai-girl backgrounds. So I decided to make something myself. Something actually useful. At least, in my humble opinion. Some stuff it shows:

  • CPU load
  • interrupt load
  • memory & swap usage
  • disk storage capacity
  • disk R/W performance (bytes & actions per second)
  • network performance U/D (bytes & packets per second)
  • laptop battery level
  • some IP configuration stuff (really only useful if you travel alot with your machine)
  • date & uptime

Here is a close-up screen shot of Samurize running my config:


It is quite inconspicuous, as you can see on this screen shot:


I deem it the most compact and useful config out there. But then I might be slightly biased. If you're interested in trying out the config for yourself, then...

  • Download Serious Samurize from its homepage and install it
  • Get the config here and copy it to C:\Program Files\Samurize\Configs\jewel.ini . Alternatively you can try installing this Samurize package, but I find the Samurize package installer broken, so I tend not to use it.
  • Edit the config to match you machine by doing a search-replace action on //hostname
  • Install this registry hive; it sets the config to be click-through and allways-on-top. Or you can set this manually in the application
  • Start Samurize, select the jewel (my) layout and place it somewhere near the center-top of your screen (or where you like). Note: You will not be able to position the layout on the screen if click-through is activated. You need to temporarily disable it to move the layout around.

Note two useful keyboard shortcuts in the config:

  • ReloadKey=Ctrl+Alt+]
  • ToggleVisibilityKey=Ctrl+Alt+\ ; useful for turning on/off visibility when running full screen apps

Have fun!